How to Get A Blog For Free

With the widespread use of the web service, many web hosting providers have created an alternative of free blogging which has an open source of blogging software packages. There have been popular blogging tools such as the Blogger, WordPress, B2evolution and Nucleus. 

These programs offer basic features that are similar and a lot of people are confused as to which program is easiest to use and which is appropriate for the requirements of a particular website. 

In getting the free blogging software, you should first know the purpose of your blog website. There are different tools for different goals. Some people use blogs as a way to share opinions and ideas to the public while some use it as a means to advertise and create a commercial sales effort. 

Free blogging software for search engine promotion has different requirements. The uses of this free software have viable reasons on how to create a blog but each of them requires different features to make it successful. You will read in this article the different requirements and comparison of the free software that you can have. 

The WordPress is known to be the most popular free blogging software. Other software finds WordPress hard to beat because this is used for general personal blogging. If you wish to create your own blog and update it regularly, there are available intuitive graphical surface that you can use.

You do not have to compile your work with WordPress. You can just simply write your column on you own easily. You just need to select that features that you want and your blog will instantly be created and published to your website. 

Now if you are on vacation, you can make a schedule for your uploads in some other days in the future. You can also e-mail your column to the server. This will allow the multiple users who have multiple blogs to have it divided into categories and sub-categories to make it more specified. 

This also allows multiple family members and friends to make their own blogs along with yours. Blogs will allow you to keep in touch with them.

There are easy pug-ins that you can use in order to provide functionality and easy customization in your web site. This free blogging software is a very good choice for people who want to have their own website. 

The B2evolution is also a good and advanced free blogging tool that can feature an integrated XHTML validator. This enables the user to support recursive subcategories and cross posting which has a cool incorporated skinning system.

The skinning system will allow the users to create the multiple blogs into separate categories with can have different appearances for each of the blogs that you make. Changing the skins will give your blogs a different view and look.

The Nucleus is and extreme and robust free blogging tool which has its own right. This tool also contains some of the powerful features which can provide the users with benefits in the promotion of your blog. This Nucleus gives the user the ability to optimize the URLD and create simple page addresses. This makes the pages more user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

The free blogging software packages mentioned above offer the basic tools that you can use in order to create a successful blog. 

Free Traffic Through Blogging

Don’t have enough readers for your free blog website?

Do you want to create your own blog the fast and easy way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then free blogging sites are for you. Firstly, you might be wondering what blog is all about. A blog or a web blog is like an online log where you can use to build traffic for your website. It can contain any topics you want and it can even contain your diary.

So just how do you start blogging for free?

Creating your own blogging website is very simple. You can visit websites that offer free blogs which has step by step process on creating your blogging website. It will usually just take a few minutes of your time to create a blogging websites in sites that offer free blogging web pages.

However, before starting to go to websites that offer free blogs, you should first determine several factors for your blogging web page.

Firstly, you have to think of a name for your blog. To do this, you must first determine what kind of topic you will dedicate your blogging webpage to. Ask yourself what you want to discuss, what are your interests or hobbies or if you have a website that is dedicated to a particular topic, you can discuss that to. It can be anything, it can be dogs, cars, casinos, food, travel, and you can even create a blog about yourself.

After knowing what name your blogging site should have, the next step would be what to put in it. Basing from your title, you will have an idea on what to put on your blog. You can put in any comments you want with different topics regarding your title and headline. You can even post in surveys as your topic; this is very useful if you sell a particular product where you can get consumers opinion on how to sell your product more effectively.

Another way to generate interest in your blog and attract a lot of readers is to make your blog a bit controversial. People like controversies and making your blog one, can create a lot of curious people to read your blog. You should post comments that can be controversial and this can result in many people wanting to post in their comments too.

Now that you have finished creating your blog, with title or headline, a comment, how should you attract people into reading your blogs? One of the best ways is to write an article about a particular topic in your blog and post them into article submission websites. This can generate a lot of targeted traffic and in no time at all. 

To make this work, you should write the article with your blog site URL included at the ending of the article or in the footnote. With a good article and a little bit of luck, your blog will be discovered by people and chances are, your blog will create a lot of traffic by word of mouth.

Free blogging websites are one of the most useful tools to generate targeted traffic to your website. It can even generate a lot of loyal readers or fans of your work to post in comments and suggestions regularly to your blogging website and will often recommend it to other people. The best thing about this is that it’s easy, convenient, fun, and as the name suggests, it’s all for free.

The Anonymous Blogger

Will you believe that blogs are just powerful enough to do different things? For instance, if you want the world to know that you have a beautiful little baby girl, all you need to do is to post a blog on your site or on a blogging community saying such proclamation. If you are not yet contented, you can display the picture of your baby girl by means of photo blogging. Simply post her picture and the whole world will know.

It is good if that will be the case. However the power of blogging is now beginning to be used for black propaganda. In what sense? Take the following instances: There are individuals who are using blogs to exercise their political rights by revealing some horrible expose about certain federal officials that generates personal revenues from a government-funded infrastructure project. 

The point here is anyone can actually make a blog without any censorship that will prevent him to post what he wants to post. Much worse, the identity of the blogger is at great risk. What if that federal official founds out your real identity and will make way to eliminate you out of his way? Not only your identity is at stake, but also your life as well.

But the above-mentioned concerns should not prevent you from writing blogs especially if you have good intentions in doing so. Instead, you should be inspired to keep your blog private or accessible only on particular trusted individuals.

This article will show the simplest precaution you can take on how to maintain your personal privacy so that you can still express yourself without facing worse or even fatal consequences. If followed correctly, these precautions can save you from the consequences and from embarrassment or just from plain weirdness in front of your friends and co-workers.

Blog Anonymously

The safest way to express yourself especially when your blog contains uncensored or weird items is to blog anonymously. It is just like writing a poem and taking the “Anonymous” as your author’s name. However, being anonymous in a blog is not just as easy as you might think.

For instance, you want to make a blog that tackles your terrible working environment in your company without risking your boss or co-workers discovering that you are eventually writing about them. Here are some of the techniques and technologies you can use to make it hard for anyone to trace your uncensored blog back to you.

Avoid Mentioning Exact Details about your Blog’s Subject

If you will be creating a blog about your work, never give exact details that will pinpoint directly to your workplace. Details such as where your company is located, how many employees are there, and the specific work it offers should not be revealed. Be generalize in everything that you will place in your blog. 

Use Pseudonym to Hide your Identity

Obviously, you need a pseudonym to hide your real identity. However, you need to use pseudonyms that are not related to any information about yourself. For instance, do not use pseudonyms that contain the jumbled letters of your name or jumbled numbers of your birthday. One small personal detail can give your identity away.

Use Anonymizing Technologies

If you are still uncertain of the first two techniques, there are several technical solutions you can use to keep your identity anonymous.

Invisiblog- a web service that offers anonymous blog hosting for free. You can create blogs without giving out your real name. Even service administrators do not have access to your name as well.

Tor- it is an anonymous network that routes your Internet traffic through a so-called an overlay network that hides your Internet provider address. It makes hard for anyone to follow the path your data takes.

Anonymizer- it works as the same as Tor, only that it hides your IP address from the services hosting your blog.

By just following the techniques and technologies suggested in this article, you can now blog without fearing that your real identity will be revealed.

Open Source Software for Social Networking

There are many social networking sites around which you can join. But if you want to start one on your own for a select group of individuals, you can make one yourself and the only thing you will need is open source software. 

Open source software for social networking is free. It can be downloaded into your computer and then set up in a matter of days or weeks.  To help you get started, here are some of examples which you can try out. 

Pligg is an open source content management system. Its features include individual profiles, multiple authors, article rating, private messaging, advanced comment system, RSS feeds as well as the ability to import it as new articles, module system, smarty templates, spell check, support for multiple languages, live Ajax newsfeed and a URL blocklist. For you to use this, you will need PHP and MySQL. 

Next is NewsCloud and from the name itself, you can already tell what it does and that is gives you the news. It doesn’t always have to be about current events happening around the world but other matters which revolve around your life which you choose to write about. You can even join discussions with other readers. 

What distinguishes Drupal from the other content management systems around is that members get to vote on the articles posted there. It supports a wide variety of websites ranging from corporate brochures, community driven websites and personal blogs. 

Dating sites have also used open source software for social networking and one example is Dolphin by Boonex. This program has been around for 6 years, used by more than 20,000 websites and has over 100,000 downloads. Those who made it say that it can do just about anything and the only limitation is in your imagination. 

Most of the open source software programs for social networking so far are free. One that charges is PHPizabi but despite that there are still people willing to use it. Some of its features include being able to access it through your desktop, communicating with friends in the chat room and maintaining a contact system. 

From dating, we move on education and one open source social networking program used by universities worldwide is Elgg. The reason why they use it is because members get to create their own profile and customize it to their own preferences. It also has comprehensive administration tools and applications so you can store files and create or participate in a forum. 

Mugshot allows members to post pictures, music and videos. The designers are proud to say that while majority of the open source social networking programs are open source for only the client, theirs is also for the server. You can get updates from other sites and upload it here by choosing the web version or the downloaded version. 

As you can see, there many open source software for social networking. You might think why create one when you can use one of the more popular ones like MySpace, YouTube or Linkendin and the best answer to give is that it is yours. Surely you have seen some flaws in many social networking sites and wish they could improve.

Instead of wishing and praying, you could take action on your own and maybe become better than them in the future. 

How to Run a Membership Website and Hosting

Running a membership website is impossible if you do not have a hosting company that offers you the right tools to manage your website. The tools you will need must give you the ability to create forums, market, consult, develop content, UGC module creation, community development tools, recurring billing modules, and access level controls. Do not think this sums up the process of building and running a membership website. You also need to create scripts for CPanel and Eight Access camera. Fantistico, Multiple OC48Sonet fiber, data center, and did I mention that starter kits are available online. 

Starter kits often have tools you need to start running a membership website and are very helpful. The control panel gives you access to disk space, bandwidth, uptime, backup, contact, guarantees, set-up and more. Group levels offer you the same features as the starter kits. The only difference is you get more disc space, bandwidth and it costs a few pennies more. You can always upgrade the group membership packages. You will pay a few dollars more, but you will have more disk space, bandwidth, and so on. The Crowd and group membership websites offer you domains with FTB features. You also have access to unlimited levels. You have the support features, and MySQL, PERL, CGI, SSI, CRON, Curl, FrontPage, PHP scripting tools, Python, GD and ImageMagik, which allows you to create streaming videos and music. 

E-mail is often supported by (Post Office Protocol 3) POP3. You have access to auto responders, mailing list, mail forward, web mail, Catch, Spam control, Asian, IMAP, and SMTP. The Control Panels may provide you easy access to the newest CPanel, Hotlink protection, Fantistico, IP, Deny, or management of Search Engine submittals, and current error pages. Moreover, you will likely have access to instant blog, portals, PHP, Nuke, Instant Chat, Forums, counters, FTP, and so on. Often you have password protection including of folders and PHP – MY ADMIN. Tracking statistics often include raw log or other access. Error logs and analogs are provided as well. 

If you plan to start running a membership website, plan to purchase the hosting packages that offer you Ecommerce features, as well as Shared SSL, Private SSL, Agora Shopping Carts, Instant OS Commerce, and Cube Carts. Running a membership website is pushing technology to continue designing topnotch web hosting companies. JOOMLA and membership hosting is currently available. 

Web hosting companies today are struggling to keep up with the changes in technology. For this reason, some of the hosting tools available are difficult for many web designers to understand. However, you will find hosting companies on the market that offer easy-to-use tools. You can use these tools if you are a starter and prepared to start running a membership website. 

You will also need to consider some marketing tools for your website once you get setup. You can use the Internet as a tool to find all the information you need and there’s plenty!  Do not sweat because of those hasty technical words. Those words are nothing more than something you must define. Get yourself a mini technical dictionary to help you define the terms. Running from the terms will only set you back from reaching your goals. Spend a great deal of time online so that you become well versed, which will help you start running a membership website successfully. 

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting can be difficult to understand, but it is actually the space that you buy on the Internet to host your site. Sometimes this web hosting service includes the domain name and sometimes it doesn’t.  Choosing your web hosting service is the next step you take after having chosen your domain name.  Most website owners choose a hosting company to host the web page because of several factors including equipment, space on server, etc.

Types of Web Hosting Companies

Generally speaking there are two types of web hosting companies. One is called web hosting on a shared server and the other is hosting on a dedicated server. The difference is the amount of space you will receive for your web site.

Web Hosting with A Dedicated Server

When you decide to host your web site on a dedicated server you get  a really large amount of space in which you can store all your web site data, files, images, and information.  Using a dedicated server is also a lot more secure than if you use a shared server because you are not sharing the server with any other websites, unfortunately it is expensive and not recommended if you are just starting and uploading your website for the first time.

Web Hosting with a Shared Server

This is the way most new sites choose to host their websites in the beginning. It is really economical and it is given to you at this price precisely because you share the server and the IP address with others. Unfortunately there are a few problems that come up when using this type of web hosting. As an example, the web hosting service may go down once in a while and cause your website to go off line.  If any of the other users of that server does anything illegal or unethical then the other websites on that server are also thoroughly scrutinized.  When a website gets too big then the server has a problem loading it or the web hosting company may contact you asking you to reduce your website size. This is why large companies and large websites prefer to use a Web hosting dedicated server.

What to Look for in a web Hosting Company?

This is not the area you want to cut costs.  A bad web hosting company will cause you some serious nightmares and you will end up spending more time and more money fixing the problems they create. 
Make sure you choose a reliable web hosting company.  This company should guarantee that you have either a minimal or no downtime at all. Downtime means you are not online and your potential customer cannot find you.  If you already have customers and you experience a lot of down time, these customers will stop coming to your site and consider you to be unreliable.

A Web Hosting Company that Offers Back Ups

The hosting company you choose should be backing up all the files regularly so that if you should ever lose any information or in the event of a server failure, your work is saved and can easily be restored.

The Number of Email Addresses

Another important factor when choosing a web hosting company is the number of emails the company offers you. You don’t want to have to pay extra for any additional email addresses you may need in the future. 

Web Host Company Speed

It is very important that your web hosting company has a fast connection. If your page loads to slowly you will lose customers. Some Internet users still use dial up and if your web host company is slow then your page may not even load at all.

Customer Service is Essential

Make sure the web hosting company has good reliable and efficient customer service. It is important that you have the support you need when you need it and that they are available to help you when you have problems, so those problems get resolved quickly and efficiently and don’t cause you any major problems with your customers.

Tutorial: Apache Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers Systems

Summarized, Apache web hosting services and dedicated servers are one of the popular services that serve most of the OS or operating systems. The dedicated server applies applications to run on computers using “client’ server’s model. In addition, the dedicated servers work with the web hypertexts transfer protocols. The ultimate concern of the dedicated servers and web hosting is to service web content to fit web browsers, which work on the client computers. 

Computers with Internet connection contain web pages that require the use of dedicated or shared servers. Apache hosting services and system servers often apply huge packages for intranet and Internet applications to run on. The users have access to several e-mail address, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), building tools and web page publishing. 

Most of the web hosting and dedicated server packages are reasonably priced. With the web hosting packages, you have access to Site Ground, which are dedicated servers, as well as the technology of PHP. You can request that your site to be hosted by Apache servers, of which the server is updated on a regular basis. The web hosting and dedicated servers give you the most advanced versions that are set up on a stable platform. You will also have access to the Site Ground Host Accounts. 

Apache hosting services and systems provide you with: 

1. Sturdy web servers over powerful secured platforms
2. Red hat
3. Linux OS
4. Technical Support 24/7 
5. Account instant activation 
6. Free domains 
7. Twelve to 500BGB disk space
8. 900GB traffic 
9. MySQL
10. PHP
11. FTP

Apache web hosting and dedicated servers, as well as the systems, give you the best of the Internet world. The services are great for Internet marketers, webmasters and companies. 

Tutorial for PHP and MySQL Support: 

PHP is taking the lead to alternatives with ASP (Microsoft Active Server Page) and has opened sources to “server-side language.” Users have tools to create dynamic pages and can embed Html. 

MySQL freely prepares users to use open sources in “Relational Database Management Systems,” otherwise known as RDBMS. The database has an engine that sorts through files by employing SQL or Structured Query Language. The PHP has script platforms, which sit adjacent to the MYSQL database on the UNIX or the Linux server. PHP is the “Personal Home Page” of a web site and is the hypertext pre-processor, which operates with an “Open source server-side language, known as C+. 

Commonly, the hypertext joins with MySQL databases on the UNIX and Linux servers. This is the most often used dedicated server script language used by developers. You can embed html and save them as PHP file extensions. Using the extensions, the user can change the content on multiple pages. To make a long story short, it will simplify content designing. Users can modify a single file. Server-side engines allow users to transform PHP regions to html. MySQL is nice to have, yet if you intend to use the servers, you want to take measures to protect your server. 

You want to remove MySQL databases at times: 

Database is limited. The database should be removed by the user so that he or she can design complex databases on the dedicated servers. Look below to remove your database. 
Access the "MySQL account Maintenance Menu.” Next, click on the tab or icon you see above MySQL databases. You will see this on the main window screen in the C-Panel interfaces. Then, click “Delete” after you select the database to remove. 

Rather than deleting important databases due to conflicting issues, you can repair the database. 

To remove MySQL users: 
MySQL users you want to delete can be removed for preventing the user(s) from accessing your databases. 

Access your Account Maintenance Menu. Next, click the icon on top of the MySQL Databases that you will see at the Main Window Screen at the C-Panel. Scroll until you see the username you want to delete and then select the user. 

To learn more about web hosting and dedicated servers, you can visit the Internet. While we mention Apache, there are various other web hosting and dedicated servers available on the Internet. The best thing to do is search the web to find what you need. It makes your life simpler, and you can find more information to help you understand web hosting and dedicated servers. 

How to Choose Dedicated Servers and Web Hosting

Is your web site running on a shared or dedicated server? Does it really matter? Do you have a reliable web hosting company backing you with your web site needs? Do you really care? If you are not one of those people educated on Internet stuff, likely you have a web site built on (any) platform and on this platform it likely lacks the tools you need to protect your web pages from prowlers, viruses, bugs, and some of that other nasty Internet crud. 

Rather than get caught up in the mud puddles, put on your Internet gear and learn all you can about dedicated servers and web hosting. Sometimes it is important to know what’s going on since it makes your work a little easier. To help you get started, we have provided you with some information that just might lead you in the right direction. 

Web Hosting Companies and Dedicated Servers  

There are many the top web hosting companies and dedicated servers in the country. The web site has some amazing designs so that you can navigate through the web site with few hassles. The majority of web hosting companies offers you unrivalled tools for communication. You have domains and e-mail options, which give you easy access to manage your data files. 

Web hosting companies that provide the service of dedicated servers offer you with DNS management, which helps you to optimize logic Internet address as well as your domains. You have many features when you open an account at with any of the web hosting companies, what you pick depends on your judgment of the company. 

As mentioned, you have DNS management, in addition to IMAP and POP3 mail accounts. If you remember the Outlook Express Mailbox, then you will probably remember the IMAP and POP3 to open your account. Map and Pop gives you control over your domain names(E.g. Some web hosting companies all offer you the best e-mail for sending and receiving from web-enabled computers. You have an account virus scan, which makes up the Symantec Carrier Scan Servers. This function is active daily. 

US web hosting companies and services give you the state-of-the-art solutions in hosting your web pages. Some of the features are unique. You have web hosting company Statistics, which monitors your performance daily and optimizes success to your web pages. In addition, you get a web hosting company Form Builder. This will inspire traffic coming to your website. Services by web hosting companies also offers you e-mail marketing tools. This allows you to advertise your site effectively and create newsletters.  In2site Live Dialogue is available with a few web hosting companies. You can interact and communicate your visitors. 

Each of the web hosting companies services offered today is unique. You have features many of the other web hosting companies and services do not offer. Web building tools are available as well. The web builder tools are usually simple, unless you sign up for web hosting and dedicated servers that has some difficult tools to use. Either way, you can learn how to use the tools by following basic instructions. Lastly, Instead of getting caught up in the net puddles, put on your Internet gear and learn all you can about dedicated services and web hosting. Learn more on the Internet today! 

SOLVED!!! Zynga Texas Holdem Poker CA Errors

SECURITY ALERT! Zynga Poker sent you an email regarding possible unauthorized access to your Facebook and Zynga Poker account. This email was sent to m** We recommend changing your Facebook password immediately. Please verify your account by carefully following the instructions in the email. Click here to resend email. Message Code: CA3 Not receiving verification emails from Zynga Poker? If you have received an error code that begins with CA, it is possible that someone other than you has tried to access your Zynga Poker account. How to receive verification emails from Zynga Poker In order to clear the CA error code, please view the following support articles:

Let us start to solve the problem.

What you need:
1. Facebook Account
2. Your primary email for your facebook account (Make sure you have the access)

1. Open both facebook and email account.
2. Click this link:
* The link above will force Zynga to resend the email to your account.
3. Check your email account especially the SPAM folder. You will receive something like this

Quickly remove USB devices without using Safe Removal

To properly remove your USB devices in Windows you must use the Safe Removal option but sometimes in our haste we tend not to do so. You might be worried that your files might disappear once. But, if you have set to quick removal the policy rules for your USB device, you are free to safely remove it without the Safe Removal option.